Friday, 25 September 2009

Yes No Maybe :) :( :/ Collection in store

Scrawl Sweat Black

Velcro Patch New Era Black

Scrawl New Era Cap Purple

Velcro Patch New Era Cap Yellow

Velcro Patch New Era Cap Grey

What’s the story?

The essence of existence is to make decisions. We are all bombarded with questions every day, trying to filter our constantly expanding choices. It’s decision time, all the time. They teach us in school and the media that we can do anything if we want it enough and work hard enough. So what do you want to do? YNM is for everyone that knows they dont know.

What is it all about?

YNM design and make Bold, fresh and original London streetwear. We try to provide high quality, original pieces every time. No Bullshit. The brand was founded on indecisiveness. Everything in life is a bit yes…No…maybe? We realized the answer may be just that. Socrates wrote “The only true wisdom consists of knowing you know nothing”. Well, that’s us.

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